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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sex Sites V's Parental Control

It's not about the government trying to stamp out the adult sex industry, it's not about closing down of commercial pornography or even personal porn sites. It is about PARENTS & The CONTROL they need to administer over their children - It is their RESPONSIBILITY!
Adults enjoy pornographic material, for a number of reasons. Whether it be to spice up the sex life or for light entertainment. It doesn't matter if your straight, gay, bi-sexual or just plain curious - Sex is & always will be one of the most interesting, sometimes controversial forms of intimacy we know! We love it, we cant get enough of it, but we do enjoy watching the sordid foreplay of young lusting couples, singles who get paid to act out scenes of wild & sexy imagery.
Children who stumble accidentally onto a adult site, did so due to the undisciplined approach Mum & Dad have when it comes to what they allow their kiddies to view. There is no excuse for NOT BLOCKING such material on the home PC system. Don't slap the industry as neglectful because the guardians of such lewd material, let it freely into their homes. It's simple. Don't want your kids to see adult material Put a BLOCK in place. Don't know what a BLOCK is? GOOGLE it!
I say long live what we love to give. Sex Sex Sex!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Smoking Kills - So does giving up!

You may have noticed that the counter for my 'Giving Up the Cigs' has been start-stop the last week or so. That is because I am struggling. I spent $60 on patches, & went with the 24 hour release, only to have some of the most hideous nights sleep I have ever encountered. Up at 3am, very agitated, unable to settle, going to work a few hours later, with my mind far from the job. I have tried the 16 hour patch, which is not worn to bed, but the morning after urge is too strong & I succumb to this every time & light up! The gum is crap, the tablets - too dangerous to use!
And I wont spend $600 on acupunture, because I dont have the money & the success rate is not good enough! So what is next on the campaign to cull the fags?
I guess all that is left is shear will power - but I dont know if I have enough of that to go around!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thinking Blogger Award

Jay considered me for a Thinking Blogger Award, which is a lovely surprise, to say the least!
My blog is my home away from the bustle of everyday life & a place to share my thoughts, my desires & pretty much every other dollop of dribble that may make a splash onto these pages.
I had to carefully choose 5 Blogger's whom I thought were worthy of such recognition. Very difficult given that everyone I have on my link, is there because I just love following the journey's of others that may be a world away, yet make me feel so close through their writings.
So I am sticking to the principles surrounding the award & the following 5 are my choices.
  • Buff Tuff: Every writing by this wonderful guy touches a nerve that gives cause to want to read more, sometimes touching, other times brutally sharp, but always honest. He really is a champ!
  • Human Nature: Steven is witty, charming, funny, serious & a definite thinker! His writing style is forward & unabashed. I clearly enjoy his musings as much as his personality which you learn to appreciate quite smartly!
  • Kev in NZ: Kevin has always struck me as the down to earth, friendly type of guy, the man you could quite easily sit back and let the afternoon drift away over a coffee & some relaxed chit chat. A thinker, of course Kev is, whether or not he chooses to blog about it, is what makes him so refreshing.
  • Daniel: Ahhh one word Nostalgic!! Well at least that is how he makes me feel. He writes about old like it was so enchanting, and can easily reel you in with him. Yet get him onto a current issue and it is almost as though he is fishing with 2 hooks! I love Daniel's writing style!
  • Sue: Oh this woman is simply remarkable, ever wondered where women get their inner strength? Take a journey to fair view, right back when Sue first began telling the world of her incredible path in life. Inspirational, courageous, funny & just one happening chic!

Obviously these are just a handful of the talent I have seen & the wonderful people I have got to know, just by taking a walk with them, on their journey! Thankyou to Jay for 'thinking' of me.

P.s You dont have to participate.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gregory Capra Video Links

Greg recently took part in the TV show Direct 8 talking about exercising safely on the beach! It is French TV so if your like me & do not understand the language, just sit back and watch the stud in action!

Direct 8 Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FedjPwmk7AI

or here http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/5rI2gt7VrVGxyij7o

Candy for Big Kids

I never told you I met someone did I?
Sitting peacefully along side the beautiful (Murky) river that runs extensively throughout the city, I noticed a man walking by. Initially of course it was just a normal reaction, one where you sit, half dazed, watching the world pass you by. Anyhoo, by the second & third passing I was beginning to wonder if he liked the view or that I was sitting in the very spot that he wanted & this was his attempt to SHOO me away! It was neither, he actually wanted to sit with me & just that - he did!
The usual greeting when a stranger approaches " Howz it goin?"
From there the conversation took many turns & we talked about everything that was on our minds at the time, everything except the mutual attraction that was evident. He had the cutest smile, and quite a handsome face, it wasn't hard to keep the focus - at all! And so we chatted for what seemed like hours (oh hang on it was - 4 hours in total)
But by the time the conversation was over, I had learned that this not so strange man was in fact 'MARRIED with KIDS' Oh he liked me alright, liked the chance of getting into my strides while the Mrs is on a business trip. I got to tell you, my luck with finding anyone decent has all but diminished. I never gave him what he wanted, apart from my phone number (Now I ask myself why I did that) And naturally he never called, seems his wanting to be friends was only valid if sex was involved. Someone slap me! It doesn't seem to hurt when you do it yourself!
All those married women in the world need to take a good look at their hubby's, he could very well want just what you do. I nice piece of man!

Speaking of man....HELLO!
Thankyou to Scotty in Florida for the beautiful photo of the man I adore!

Being Creative

This is my first attempt at beading. I wore it out on Saturday night & had a couple of refreshing comments. Not bad for a first timer?

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I doubt very much that this is significant event but the next few days will see my blog having 50,000 UNIQUE visitors since it's birth in Dec 06. Big deal to me! I think!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

BBQ - Booze & a few Barrrf's

What a night! To Remember? I can't say with any degree of certainty! A small, intimate gathering of friends for a BBQ & pre-partying drinks went very well. I cooked & did a damn good job under the influence. Then the 5 of us hit the dance clubs. I was drinking Cruiser Black - Lemon/Lime 7% a/l...& don't they just do the trick, very well. Although I should have stopped about 10pm, I had already had my quota and was feeling less than able & absolutely not 'willing', which in turn meant I was in no state to get down & dirty had there been that opportunity in the first place. I was so drunk, by midnight I got myself into a cab and went home. From there I managed 4 visits to the porcelain throne where I deposited very colourful portions. Let me tell you I have not been sick from alcohol for a long time, not like that. I felt like I was on my last legs. I woke up about 9am this morning, feeling no better than I had when I got home, thus I spent a further 7 hours curled up in bed, wishing my throbbing headache & sickly, churning gut to cease. Note to self: Stay away from vodka & don't drink prior to going out!
Chris didn't received my invitation to join me last night, guess he was busy....so here he is just the way I like him!

Friday, July 13, 2007

35th Year of Shaney

The day has arrived & I celebrate my XXXV Birthday! And I must say I feel every bit my age. A few years back I could have easily said I had the energy of an 18 year old, but alas, the last few years have been full of anguish, unscrupulous dieting, poor sleep & a hectic lifestyle, which I am lead to believe causes one to age at a more rapid pace. Oh sure just grab my ears pull them to the back of my head and soon enough I'll rid of all those crows feet, laugh lines & any other cracks in my face! But it wont change how my body feels. This month also marks the 20th year I have been smoking - A challenge I am soon to face! I have decided this coming Thursday I am going to attempt to give them away in a plight to regain the full use of my lungs & put a stop to the huffing & puffing that has worsened - profoundly! I will put a counter on my blog to denote the beginning of my Quit Day! Lets see just how far I can go! My sister is not joining me in this evenings festivities, so I am a little gloomy! But maybe after a few "Glasses of Personality" I will put aside my defeat & enjoy the night!
Something I read lately: A British woman has become the first Lesbian to be charged with Bigamy after falsely stating to the registrar at her civil partnership that she was in fact 'already married' Her husband was made to sleep on the sofa downstairs at the family home to make room for her newly wed girlfriend. - Oops!

Here is hoping you all have a wonderful weekend ahead & don't forget to give your loved one's a hug, just so they know you appreciate them!

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